Introduction for Android Rooting

Nowadays, you are very familiar with Android smartphones. Most of the people using Android phones for their daily routine or stay the whole day with Android phones. Here we going to talk about Android rooting. Rooting is similar to iOS jailbreaking. Rooting is an art, rooting your Android device will provide you many features that manufacturer does not provide you. With Android rooting, you can get the full access your entire file system. With help of Android rooting, you can remove restrictions imposed by the manufacturer. the whole operating system is under you and you can definitely install more application and get deeper into the system like the owner.  There are many Android tools Such as Tunes Go, SRS Root, Root Genius, iRoot, SuperSU Pro, Superuser, Kingo Root, KingRoot and etc. Here, you can learn about Android rooting.



Why should you Root your Android ???

  • Install apps that hack games – These apps gain access to the memory where games are stored and modify parameters to allow free gameplay.
  • Access the file system – Unrestricted access to the file system may be useful for recovering erased files, moving apps to an SD card, or using root explorers, which are applications with advanced file-system functions.
  • Tweak, overclock, or clean the device – Overclocking means increasing the CPU clock frequency of a device so that it works faster.
  • Change the Android version – Some users flash third-party firmware ROMs created by enthusiasts.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting Your Android


  • Full control over your phone – The main reason why people root their phones is that they want to overcome the barriers that carriers and manufacturers put off their phones. On rooting, you get full access to all the system files, boot images, and various unwanted apps also known as bloatware.
  • Support for themes – You can apply awesome live themes, change the color of the battery icons and load some animations during booting of your phone.
  • Full control of the Android Kernel – You are the superuser, and you have full control over your Android kernel. Therefore, you can underclock and overclock your phone’s CPU and GPU. This gives you control over your phone’s speed and performance.
  • Full application control – Along with control over the speed and performance, you also have control over the applications. You can restore, backup and batch edit your apps. Also, you can remove the preinstalled apps called bloatware that come when you purchase a new phone.
  • Custom ROM – Ability to install a custom firmware allows additional levels of control on a rooted device.
  • Be a master of your Android device – After rooting your Android phone you can truly own your device.



As every coin has 2 sides there are disadvantages too.

  • Security – You won’t be able to use any Internet banking apps. Since after rooting, you will use make rooted apps and that may not provide you safe security.
  • Phone warranty – Once you root your phone, the manufacturer’s warranty becomes void.
  • Higher vulnerability to Viruses – By now you should know your smartphone is a target of viruses, malware, adware and all sorts of crapware, just like your PC. When you root your phone, you can also flash the device’s ROM using custom programs. Making such changes to the code of a software increases the likelihood of introducing a virus.
  • Hard bricked – While flashing some ROMs, recovery or even while rooting there is a chance that your phone can get bricked.


How to root your Android device with one of the best Rooting Tool.

  1. Download SuperSU Pro latest version.
  2. Install SuperSU Pro latest version of your Android smartphone.
  3. Reboot your Android device.
  4. Then you’ve come to the end of rooting process
  5. You can see SuperSU Pro will access your Android device.


In conclusion, Rooting is an essential stuff for Android. Because rooting can boost your battery life and speed.According to this article, you can understand the importance of Android rooting. There is both good and bad side of Android rooting. So you have to work with good attention for above points. Majority of people using modern rooting apps for root their Android smartphone. Because some older rooting apps won’t work with recent equipment. Join us and experience the best of Android rooting.


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