Introduction for Android

Android is the best ever-mobile operating system right now. Over billions of users using this amazing operating system for the day-to-day activities. Moreover android is the best multi-tasking operating system and most user-friendly mobile operating system at all.  Android is a greatest gift given by the Google Inc. Android is most popular among the all smart devices including smart phones tablets, TV streaming boxes and other portable gadgets. With the help of Android operating system any user can access the information on the web, play music and videos, check your location on a map, take photos using your device’s camera and plenty further. Android is an open platform, which gives more user functions to the users.


What is Android Rooting?

Android Rooting is not a fresh term for Android users right now, more than billions of users using the rooting process to get more functions than the default Android device. Wireless tethering, speeding it up with overclocking, or customizing the look of your phone with themes this is the only option you have. Android rooting.

More about Android Root

Rooting process is somewhat complex process which is similar to the Jailbreak process in iOS. With the help of rooting process any user can give the root permissions for the device by own customer. It’s like running programmes on the Administrative panel in Windows. With a rooted Android device any one can get more functions than the default. That means any user can run apps that require certain system settings.

How to do the Rooting process?

When talking about the rooting process for Android devices it cannot be download directly to the devices, it need a special tool called rooting tools. Right now, there are hundreds of rooting tools available in the Android market. However, when you select the correct rooting tool user must have to follow some guidelines. Because all the Android rooting tools are not compatible to the all Android devices and versions. Also there are number of issues in some Android rooting tools because of some Android rooting tools sometimes device will get harm and data of the device will get lose. However, there are some sere rooting tools are present in the Android world among them SuperSU Root, SuperSU Pro, and Kingo Root tools get the most prominent place.


Is rooting is legal?

This can be named as the most common question among all root lovers. The quick answer is YES. According to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act rooting is legal for all Android smart phones but if your own an Android tablet still it not legal for those kinds of devices.

Will rooting process avoid my device warranty?

Yes, with the rooting process the boot-loader will unlocked, and it removes the warranty of the device. However, users will unroot the device and get try to get the warranty for the hardware issues but it is not worth for some devices because some phones have a digital “switch” that flips when you unlock your phone that is very difficult or impossible to revert

Can I unroot my rooted device?

Yes, anytime you can unroot the device within seconds, some android rooting tools have the inbuilt unroot feature on them, like SuperSU Pro and SuperSU Root tool have this amazing features. Without any data lose or without any harm any user can unroot the device with the help of those amazing rooting tools.



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