Have you ever heard of rooting devices? Rooting is getting into the internal software system of your device and make different changes to it that would not be allowed to do by the initial system. Rooting is done in Android devices and this whole process of rooting may sound somewhat difficult to understand and as well as to proceed for you right? Yet, if you ever checked on the internet, you will find dozen of software which will perform that rooting process for you. Thus, here Dr Fone Root is also can be presented as a tool that can be used to root your device. However, this article will concern about why and how does Dr Fone Root do it and similarly about its interesting features as to why should you choose it?

Dr Fone root

Why should you choose Dr Fone Root to root your device?

As previously mentioned, there are many rooting tools available on the web. Yet, rooting is not a simple process as transferring data or recovering data so that you can download any tool you prefer from the internet and root your device.

Especially, do you know that even if this rooting process has gone slightly wrong, it will make you void your device warranty or break your software totally which will turn your device no more than to a brick?

So, you are literally taking a risk when you decide to root your device and as a leading rooting software company in the world, Dr Fone has fully understood its risks. So, below are some important features that are available in the Dr Fone Root tool which will imply the benefits of choosing Dr Fone Root to root your device!

Give access to more interesting applications

Do you know that there are some interesting and useful applications that are blocked by your initial software system? Instead of such apps, they have given access to the applications that they support only. So, by rooting your device through Dr Fone Root, you can pass that barrier and download whatever the applications you want to have

Can uninstall Pre-installed applications

You may have noticed that there are many applications on your Android device that are not useful for you yet cannot be deleted. It is due to that those applications are preinstalled by your system and unless the system uninstalls them, you can not remove them from your device. Yet, now with Dr Fone Root, you can get into the system of your device and uninstall all the unwanted applications on your device which will increase the performance of your device as well.

Removal of advertisements appear on Applications

There are some constant advertisements appear when you are using some applications especially in Android games and in downloaded applications. You can get rid of those irritating advertisements if you use Dr Fone root.

Want to root via Dr Fone Root?

Follow these simple steps if you want to root your Android device via Dr Fone!

  1. Download and install Dr Fone Root
  2. Connect your device to a computer via a USB cable
  3. After Dr Fone Root recognizes your device, select “Root” option(Make sure to keep on USB debugging mode so that Dr Fone Root will easily recognize your device)

See the process of rooting via Dr Fone root is very easy to follow up! If you have any doubts, there are many videos available on the net which will assist you to complete the process. Yet, make sure to have your battery full and do not open any other applications while rooting is in progress!

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